Project Coordinator - Smart-Centre

Eugenia Kimaro

Project Coordinator – Smart-Centre

Simple, Market based, Affordable, and Repairable Technologies – SMART Department in SHIPO is responsible for training local entrepreneurs in WASH sector and also involved in designing and structure on community development projects. An additional responsibility in this department is to scale up the access to water and sanitation by means of building supply chains of innovative, cost-effective and market-based technologies and products. As well, to provide technical support on different designs and structuring carried out by the organization in development projects.

Resource Mobilization Coordinator

Leire Diez

Resource Mobilization Coordinator

Coordinating Njombe Beyond project, whose main objective is to reduce the plastic wasted in Njombe town and to raise awareness in the local community about the problems and opportunities around plastic. We are recycling plastic using simple technology like the one from Precious Plastic. We follow the SMART Centre approach: training local entrepreneurs so that they can start their business at different areas of the value chain.


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