Sanitation week Njombe, February 2018

Sanitation week Njombe, February 2018

“House is a toilet” (Nyumba ni choo): this year ́s Sanitation Week had the focus on creating awareness of the negative impact on the environment, on our health and some of our actions, especially open defecation and dumping of solid waste.
As an organisation that works on sustainable solutions to promote hygiene and sanitation in Tanzania, SHIPO decided to join the 2018 Sanitation week in Njombe.

Sanitation week was held from Tuesday 13 th to Saturday 17 th , and SHIPO participated on last day that was Saturday were Njombe DC was guest of honour. Visitors arrived from 9:30 am. Among the first ones there was the district commissioner and her crew. After that, multiple small groups of people, including students from the nearby schools visited the SHIPO exhibition place. They got explanations on the posters and technologies and they had the chance to ask questions. Water filters were especially found interesting; most of their questions involved their functioning and revealed their interest in these technologies. Moreover, the district Commissioner herself purchased one of them.

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