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Mapanda Girls Domitory

Project Name: Mapanda Girls Domitory

Project Code: TZNJ097

Project Budget: 39,079,700 (Thirty-Nine Million Seventy-Nine Thousand and Hundred Tanzania Shillings).

Project Timeframe: March 2014 to September 2014

Project Donor: Lyra and GRL (Green Resource Limited)

Project Location: Mapanda Village at Kihansi Secondary School Mufindi District, Iringa Region

Project Beneficiaries: Kihansi Girls Secondary School

Project Description:

The project was based on constructing dormitory for girls at Mapanda secondary school. Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO), Lyra and GRL were agreed to implement this project for the aim of improving education environment at Mapanda Village.

SHIPO was responsible for implementation of the construction activities to final completion. Green Resource Limited was responsible in providing necessary transport of SHIPO masons and officers from Mafinga to Chogo and back.

Organization/ Business/ Government Agencies Involved to Implement the Project:

  • Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO)
  • Lyra
  • GRL (Green Resource Limited)
  • Mapanda Village

Project Status:

The project was completed and handed over to Mapanda village at Kihansi Secondary school

Uchindile Latrines

Project Name: Uchindile Latrines

Project Code: TZNJ090I

Project Donor: Green Resource Limited (GRL)

Project Time Frame: 1st October 2015 to January 31st 2016 (4 Months)

Project Location: Uchindile Village, Kilombero District

Project Beneficiaries: Kihata Primary School Students (boys and Girls)

Project Descriptions:

The project based on construction of 2 (two) student Latrines buildings, consisting of 8 drop holes for girls and 8 for boys at Kihata Primary School, Uchindile Village, Together with the community of Uchindile Village.

Organisation/ Businesses/ Government Agencies involved in Implementation of the Project:

Green Resource Limited, Southern Highlands Participatory Organisation (SHIPO), Mufindi District Council

Project Status: The Project completed and handed over to the Uchindile Community

Sanitation week Njombe, February 2018

“House is a toilet” (Nyumba ni choo): this year ́s Sanitation Week had the focus on creating awareness of the negative impact on the environment, on our health and some of our actions, especially open defecation and dumping of solid waste.
As an organisation that works on sustainable solutions to promote hygiene and sanitation in Tanzania, SHIPO decided to join the 2018 Sanitation week in Njombe.

Sanitation week was held from Tuesday 13 th to Saturday 17 th , and SHIPO participated on last day that was Saturday were Njombe DC was guest of honour. Visitors arrived from 9:30 am. Among the first ones there was the district commissioner and her crew. After that, multiple small groups of people, including students from the nearby schools visited the SHIPO exhibition place. They got explanations on the posters and technologies and they had the chance to ask questions. Water filters were especially found interesting; most of their questions involved their functioning and revealed their interest in these technologies. Moreover, the district Commissioner herself purchased one of them.

Farmer’s Day

The main objectives:

  • To give chance to the Farmers and other stakeholders involved in Agriculture sector in Njombe Region to get the opportunity to experience on innovations in agriculture using SHIPO SMARTechs.
  • Also to use the chance to invite Regional commissioner to learn more about SHIPO, this is after he showed a lot of interest to ground water recharging and he promised to visit SHIPO and learn more about it the time he visited by SHIPO Board members and Management team.

Activities Performed during preparation of the event

  • Preparation and rehabilitation of all SMARTech to be demonstrated during the event with cooperation of Kisangani Group, Uvinjo Group and James.
  • Invited different Stakeholders that are involved in Agriculture sector from private and government.
  • Invited Farmers, and SHIPO trained groups to demonstrate other agriculture tools, drilling and digging techniques.


  • Mr. Lameck Noah, the Assistance Administrative Secretary for Business and Agricultural production, was the guest of honor on behalf of the regional commission. So SHIPO archived its objective of invite the regional commission in SHIPO to learn more about SHIPO SMARTechs, He was so happy about the technologies and he promised to cooperate with SHIPO to make sure the SMARTechs are recognized. See the picture below of the technologies demonstrated during farmer’s day event
  • SHIPO was able to present in front of the guest of honor, the challenges of not having the policy that recognize the SMARTechs so he promised to work on the request.
  • Other Stakeholders from government and Other NGO’s Were able to see the good opportunities in SHIPO for Agriculture activities and also to demonstrate about their products see the pictures below

This event is organized by SHIPO’S SMART Centre in Tanzania.

  • -

Water and Sanitation

We are supporting communities to have sustainable supply and access to safe and clean water as well as supporting families and communities in improving Hygiene and Sanitation by enabling the communities to access and use low-cost-water technologies

Raleigh Hygiene Latrines for Nundu and Peruhanda

Project Name:

Raleigh Girls Hygiene Latrines

Project Code:


Project Donor:

Raleigh International

Project Time Frame:

April to December 2016

Project Location:

Nundu village, Yakobi Ward in Njombe District  / Peruhanda village, Mjimwema Ward in Njombe District.


Girls Pupils at Peruhanda and Nundu primary school


Aim to support rural communities to deliver hygiene education and health awareness activities, demonstrations and training to promote improved hygiene behaviour change. A gender specific toilets block will be constructed in two primary schools in order to Improve school attendance and achievement rates amongst female pupils.

It will directly benefit 450 young girls pupils and aims to achieve a 15% increase in the number of girls completing their education at the targeted schools.

Organizations/ Businesses/ Government Agencies Involved in Implementation of the Project:

  • Releigh Tanzania,
  • Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO),
  • Njombe Town Council (NTC),
  • Peruhanda and Nundu Village.

Project Status:

The project ended and handed over successful to the targeted society of Nundu and Peruhanda Villages.


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