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    It was Friday 28th February 2020 when the Njombe Regional Commissioner Hon. Christopher Ole Sendeka chaired a regional education stakeholders meeting to discuss some issues pertaining the regional education status. The stakeholders that included some District Commissioners, Member of Parliament, Executive Directors, District Education Officers, Ward Education Officers, Headmasters, Head of Schools, Religious leaders, NGOs (SHIPO inclusive), media people and government and non-government institutions participated and aired their views, knowledge and experiences towards improving the regional education quality and academic performance.

    The event was festooned with provision of the Regional Commissioners’ education awards to best performing students and schools. SHIPO supported the initiative by providing a certificate (signed by SHIPO General Manager and the Njombe Regional Commissioner) to Mkiu Primary School that was an overall best school in the project area. The award also included a MAMMIE Project Education cup that will be rotating in the project areas depending on which school performs well in the overall assessment of the education development indicators.

    Stakeholders are welcomed to collaborate in these endeavors that will be organized annually to ensure Education Excellency that would thereafter guarantee potential graduates thus quality social services and holistic community development.

Ludewa DC contributing during the Njombe region education stakeholders meeting 28-2-2020

Ludewa DC contributing during the Njombe region education stakeholders meeting 28-2-2020

MAMMIE Project Cordinator in a meeting with Njombe region education stakeholders

MAMMIE Project Cordinator in a meeting with Njombe region education stakeholders

MAMMIE Project Cordinator giving a speech during the Njombe education stakeholders meeting 28-2-2020

MAMMIE Project Cordinator giving a speech during the Njombe education stakeholders meeting 28-2-2020

Njombe RC awarding the best performing school in the project area - CERTIFICATE

Njombe RC awarding the best performing school in the project area – CERTIFICATE

Membership in the Netherlands

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Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO) has become a member of Partin since December 2019.

Since Partin provides a platform and support for small development organization; SHIPO as a member can participate in such platform by meeting, networking and exchanging ideas so that we are linked in various projects and development opportunities.

SHIPO conducts a remarkable teacher training on English and Kiswahili subjects – INSET

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This training aims at improving the teaching quality of Language ‘English and Kiswahili’ in particular, providing materials and training techniques to grade 3-7 teachers, in order to face the lack of competences in the named subjects, both from teachers and students’ sides. It commenced from the 10th September 2018 and will last up to the 19th September 2018.

Teachers attendance is 100% as all the 60 expected teachers are actively participating in the ongoing training. All the 4 invited Ward Education Coordinators have also attended. At the district level the District School Quality Assurer is here; the District Education Officer “Academics’ officer is representing the DEO. The regional education office is also represented by Mr Stephen Sanga who is representing the REO. A total of 14 caregivers are here taking care of the teachers’ kids; being an observation of the child rights component that the project wishes to realize.

The training is facilitated by Vikindu Teachers College. Two experts from the college were contracted; Mr Philip Mdegela is facilitating English subject while Ms Khadija Semkati is facilitating Kiswahili subject.

Topics been covered were proposed by the beneficiary teachers, compiled by the SHIPO officers and shared to the Vikindu facilitators who prepared training materials in use.

Post the training it is anticipated that:

  • Teachers improve their capacity to teach the trained English and Kiswahili topics to pupils.
  • Teachers will be able to identify, prepare and use teaching aids or tools (per subject and standard level) relevant to topic and environment and capacitate other teachers who did not attend the training on these skills and techniques.
  • Teachers will be able to prepare and capacitate other teachers who did not attend the training on how to teach the trained English and Kiswahili topics and how to prepare lesson plan for their daily lessons.
  • Teachers will be able to use different books (text books, supplementary and teachers’ guidelines) when preparing lesson notes and capacitate other teachers on the same.
  • Teachers will prepare an action plan to be implemented in the school where they will schedule when and how they are going to share the things learnt in the training with their fellow and when and how they will apply the newly acquired knowledge and practices.


2018 Capacity Building for Local Artisans / Entrepreneurs Is Here Once Again!!

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Here we come Again!! ZH2O through SKAT foundation has been supporting a training program organized by SHIPO SMART Centre in Njombe, at the Southern Highlands in Tanzania.

The aim of this year´s training is to reach new artisans and to expand to new areas in Njombe region as well as in the neighborhood regions in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and to provide technical skills to local entrepreneurs in the production and installation of rope pumps and different techniques of manual drilling and hand digging.

The 4-week training will be conducted from the 30th April to the 26th of May at SHIPO. It will consist of a technical part during 2 weeks, 1 week will be optional module and a business part for 1 week.

During the first two weeks the trainees will be provided with the required theoretical background on their respective disciplines i.e. welding and drilling. They will probably be divided into 2 groups of drillers and one group of welders. They will have the opportunity to learn by doing while they are working in teams with the supervision of the trainers. Each welder will produce a complete Rope Pump and group of drillers and diggers will drill one tube well using SHIPO drilling method and dig one well. In addition, they will also be taught on how to combine SHIPO method with jetting. Finally, both welders and diggers/drillers will learn how to properly install a rope pump both in a borehole and in a dug well. The two wells will be drilled and dug nearby SHIPO office; one at a neighbour’s plot, while the other one at a church’s plot, which is considered a good chance for promotion.


The focus of this year’s program is to train new artisans. Some of the artisans belong to existing workshops/drilling groups but most of them are new entrepreneurs who want to start their own business.

New areas, where the SMARTechs have not reached yet, but where there is likely to be strong demand for them were selected. After that, the identification of trainees in those areas was carried out. The different places were visited by the SMART Centre staff and the identified trainees were explained in detail about the goals and conditions of the training. Among the identified artisans, 30 of them have confirmed that they will attend the training. Artisans from Njombe region (Mdandu in Wanging’ombe District, Mawengi in Ludewa District and Bulongwa in Makete district); Iringa region (Igowole, Mafinga, Usokami and Wasa in Mufindi District, and Kilolo in Kilolo District); Ruvuma region (Lilambo in Songea District) and Mbeya region (from Rungwe and Mbozi 3 Districts) will attend the training.

The Training is Organized by SHIPO-SMART Centre in Njombe Tanzania

2018 Child Rights, Protection & Nutrition for School Committees and LGA’s is Here Again!!

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The Training aims at bringing debate and knowledge to school leaders and local authorities about crucial social challenges faced in the region that have a direct impact on the education opportunities of the population, such as Child Rights & Child Protection, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, Nutrition & Gender.

The Training will take place in April 2018. A 5-day training session will be implemented with 58 participants at SHIPO’s premises in Njombe.

The training will be facilitated  by a consultant coming from KIWOHEDE NGo (which has expertise in Child Rights, Child Protection, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS) and Nutrition expert.

The participants will include 20 school committees Chairmen, 17 Village Education officers, 4 Ward Executive Officers, 4 Ward Education Officers, 4 Ward Community Development Officers, 4 Ward Religious leaders and 4 district authorities.

Sanitation week Njombe, February 2018

“House is a toilet” (Nyumba ni choo): this year ́s Sanitation Week had the focus on creating awareness of the negative impact on the environment, on our health and some of our actions, especially open defecation and dumping of solid waste.
As an organisation that works on sustainable solutions to promote hygiene and sanitation in Tanzania, SHIPO decided to join the 2018 Sanitation week in Njombe.

Sanitation week was held from Tuesday 13 th to Saturday 17 th , and SHIPO participated on last day that was Saturday were Njombe DC was guest of honour. Visitors arrived from 9:30 am. Among the first ones there was the district commissioner and her crew. After that, multiple small groups of people, including students from the nearby schools visited the SHIPO exhibition place. They got explanations on the posters and technologies and they had the chance to ask questions. Water filters were especially found interesting; most of their questions involved their functioning and revealed their interest in these technologies. Moreover, the district Commissioner herself purchased one of them.

Farmer’s Day

The main objectives:

  • To give chance to the Farmers and other stakeholders involved in Agriculture sector in Njombe Region to get the opportunity to experience on innovations in agriculture using SHIPO SMARTechs.
  • Also to use the chance to invite Regional commissioner to learn more about SHIPO, this is after he showed a lot of interest to ground water recharging and he promised to visit SHIPO and learn more about it the time he visited by SHIPO Board members and Management team.

Activities Performed during preparation of the event

  • Preparation and rehabilitation of all SMARTech to be demonstrated during the event with cooperation of Kisangani Group, Uvinjo Group and James.
  • Invited different Stakeholders that are involved in Agriculture sector from private and government.
  • Invited Farmers, and SHIPO trained groups to demonstrate other agriculture tools, drilling and digging techniques.


  • Mr. Lameck Noah, the Assistance Administrative Secretary for Business and Agricultural production, was the guest of honor on behalf of the regional commission. So SHIPO archived its objective of invite the regional commission in SHIPO to learn more about SHIPO SMARTechs, He was so happy about the technologies and he promised to cooperate with SHIPO to make sure the SMARTechs are recognized. See the picture below of the technologies demonstrated during farmer’s day event
  • SHIPO was able to present in front of the guest of honor, the challenges of not having the policy that recognize the SMARTechs so he promised to work on the request.
  • Other Stakeholders from government and Other NGO’s Were able to see the good opportunities in SHIPO for Agriculture activities and also to demonstrate about their products see the pictures below

This event is organized by SHIPO’S SMART Centre in Tanzania.

Residential training on subjects for new curricula (STD 1,2) and pre-primary with focus on 3R (Year 1) – INSET ON 3R

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After the policy revision of 2014 concerning the educational sector, the structure of basic education has changed. Reforms of the school curriculum have been formulated: some of the subjects have been reorganized, while others have been introduced for the first time within the school teaching.

The residential training on new curriculum focusing  on the 3R approach, which stands for “reading, writing and arithmetic”; these skills are mentioned among the main items of the 2014 revision, oriented towards a program which highlights the basic skills development.

The training has started today and will last for a  total of 12 days. It will be realized for district officers and teachers coming from 2 groups of 10 schools each (6 days per group of schools). There will be 3 teachers per school: one pre-primary teacher, one STD 1 teacher and one STD 2 teacher (when the teacher for STD 1 and STD 2 is the same, the Head of teachers will be invited). Some of the schools can have more than 1 pre-primary teacher and some teachers with babys can ask to come with the caregiver. Therefore, in total, the training is planned to host 95 people: 80 teachers and 6 caregivers (teachers with babies normally bring a caregiver to take care the babies while they are attending the training session), 4 Ward Education Coordinators, and 2 district authorities . The training is  facilitated by tutors coming from Vikindu Teachers’ College, and is held at SHIPO’s premises in Njombe.