What We Do

Water and Sanitation

We are supporting communities to have sustainable supply and access to safe and clean water as well as supporting families and communities in improving Hygiene and Sanitation by enabling the communities to access and use low-cost-water technologies

Education & Health

We are working to develop and improve the education and health sectors by supporting communities to construct or improve all important infrastructures. Our interventions also aim at changing the thinking and mentality of all stakeholders in the sectors

SACCOs Projects

SHIPO works to create a conducive environment for the poor communities to access microcredit loans through the revolving fund scheme, we use, the local SACCOS banks to enable people to access micro credit loans for low cost water pumps, wells, sanitation, etc.

Featured Projects

Latest news

2017 SKAT training, is here again!

It’s 2017 and yes, here we are again! On the 18th April-13th May we are going to have another four weeks of the SKAT Training program with the same focus of supporting our local entrepreneurs to get a superb knowledge of making and marketing of the low-cost water and sanitation technologies well known as SMART

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SHIPO staff, Media & MAMMIE Stakeholders trained on gender HIV/AIDS & Children rights

Being part of the advocacy and awareness-raising campaign strategy, also, being one of the approaches to create and influence positive debate in our family levels, It is without doubt that our staff, stakeholders and media correspondents from the community that we are implementing our projects are very well versed and equipped to effectively address issues

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SHIPO and partners observe the Maji Week 2017

Southern Highlands Participatory Organization (SHIPO) and other Non-Governmental Organization in the WASH sector from the Southern Highlands region through the regional WASH Forum came together on the eve of the Maji Week to observe the week by discussing matters pertaining to the development of the sector in the southern highlands region of Tanzania. The event

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